General Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Considering JJSK operates in an ever-changing commercial, technological and regulatory environment, JJSK may adapt present terms and conditions at any time. Except when determined differently, changes to these terms and conditions will apply immediately when they are posted to the website. As such, the renter is responsible for being informed about the latest published terms and conditions. The use of the website and/or the services offered by JSSK, implies acceptance of the most recent terms and conditions

These general conditions were last changed on June 1, 2017.


Article 1 – General

“JJSK”: JJSK bvba is the owner of the rented vacation homes, as well as their representative on-site who receives the renter upon arrival and departure.

”Renter”: the natural or legal person who establishes a rental agreement with regards to a vacation home from the offline or online offerings by JJSK. The renter can only be a person who has the capacity to establish or legally binding agreement, and, in case it concerns a natural person, has to be at least 18 years of age.

Together with the rental agreement and practical guidelines, current terms and conditions make up one inextricably bound entity that serves as the contract between the renter and JJSK. In the case of contradictions between the general and individual terms and conditions, the latter apply.


Article 2 – Information concerning the vacation home

The renter declares to have gained knowledge of the necessary information about the rented vacation home as described on the websites that offer the vacation home. This information is supported by data provided by JJSK and is as such given to the renter, subject to material faults, mistakes and/or minor changes. All information on the websites offering the vacation home is provided in good faith and is assumed to be correct at the time of publication. JJSK is not liable for changes that occur outside their will, and that become known after the publication. JJSK does, however, commit to notify the renter about these material faults, mistakes and/or minor changes as soon as possible.


Article 3 – Creation of the contract

The renter who would like to rent a vacation home offered by one of the websites offering the vacation home has submit a request with JJSK, who hands over or sends electronically the individual rental agreement and the general rental terms and conditions. The contract between the renter and JJSK is established after JJSK has accepted and confirmed the booking request by email (for bookings via internet), or after receiving by JJSK of a signed paper copy of the rental agreement (for bookings via telephone or at the office of JJSK). The electronic or paper signing of the rental agreement, or the payment of an advance payment, also counts as the acceptance of the current general terms and conditions.

JJSK always reserves the right to refuse one of more of their services to a candidate renter or a co-renter without any further discussion, and subject to all their rights.


Article 4 – Payment – Resolutory condition

The renter is obligated to pay the advance payment of 40% of the amount of the stay within 7 days following the establishment of the contract. In case JJSK does not receive the advance payment within this time period, the contract will be legally terminated and JJSK will have the right to immediately offer the vacation home for rent again for that specific period.

The balance of the total price must be paid by the renter at least 56 days before the scheduled start date of the rental period. The rental agreement will be automatically terminated if the balance is not paid entirely within this period. In this case, the paid advance payment will not be refunded by JJSK.

Only after complete payment, the renter receives a voucher with the exact address of the vacation home, directions and the contact information of the person who will give them the keys on-site.


Article 5 – Arrival – Departure

Moving into the vacation home happens on the first day of the rental period between 4pm and 8pm. In case the renter wants to get access to the house earlier, they must ask JJSK for permission. Also, if the renter is not able to arrive in time, they must notify JJSK by telephone to arrange a new reception time. After 8pm, there is no guarantee of reception at the house.

Leaving the vacation home has to happen on the last day of the rental period between 8am and 10am. In case the renter departs before 8am, the renter automatically accepts the accommodation inventory drawn up by JJSK.


Article 6 – Maximum number of people

The maximum number of persons allowed, as described in the rental agreement, is not to be exceeded. Only those persons who are mentioned in the rental agreement are allowed to stay at the vacation home. JJSK has the right to refuse entry to the vacation home to other persons, or to request an additional fee that must be paid to the owner. This additional fee is 50 euro, per person and per night.

The renter who has established the rental agreement must be one of the persons staying in the house.

In July and August, a house is always rented out at full capacity. Outside of July and August, certain houses may be rented at lower capacity. This guarantees you that the other part of the house will not be occupied by another renter. You remain able to enjoy all comforts of the house. At a lower capacity, it may be possible that certain bedrooms and/or bathrooms are closed.


Article 7 – Facilities

The use of the accommodation and facilities that are offered, such as pools, etc. is at the renter’s own risk.

JJSK cannot be held accountable for injuries, or loss of or damage to the belongings of the users and visitors.


Article 8 – Tidiness – Damage – Security deposit

Possible complaints by the renter with regards to the state and/or tidiness of the vacation home must be formulated conform article 10. From the moment JJSK has been notified, JJSK commits, to the extent possible, to contribute to a suitable solution for the renter.

The renter is responsible for the vacation home and its contents, and is expected to use these with due and proper care and conform the agreed upon purpose. They are obligated to follow all guidelines that have been provided by JJSK. Possible cleaning costs that are not included in the total price have to be paid on-site by the renter. Regardless of the inclusion of cleaning costs in the total rental price of the vacation home, the renter, upon leaving, must respect the guidelines concerning the removal of personal trash, the storage of dishes and kitchen equipment, the organization of (garden) furniture and, more generally, to leave the vacation home spotless.

Before arrival, the security deposit mentioned in the rental agreement is deposit by bank transfer in the account of JJSK, in which case the renter receives a ‘definitive inventory’ of the vacation home, together with the voucher. This document must be signed by JJSK and by the renter upon departure and be resent to JJSK. After receiving this, your security deposit is refunded, subject to the subtraction of possible damages.

Upon departure from the vacation home, the state and tidiness are inspected by JJSK in the presence of the renter. In case of non- or poor compliance to the guidelines concerning the cleaning of the vacation, as well as in case of material damages that are noticed upon departure from the renter, or during the cleaning process before the arrival of the next renter, the resulting additional costs will be deducted from the security deposit. The possible positive balance is refunded to the renter. In the hypothesis of hidden damages where the security deposit has been refunded entirely, as well in the hypothesis that the damages are so significant that the security deposit is insufficient, the renter must pay the owed amount to JJSK within 8 days after the end of the rental period.

JJSK and the owner always keep the right to terminate the agreement and evict the renters from the vacation home, when a renter or co-renter has caused serious damage to the vacation home. In this case, JJSK will not be held liable to refund a part of the rental money for the remaining rental period.


Article 9 – Non-smoking policy

A non-smoking policy applies to the vacation home. Outside the vacation home, smoking is permitted, though the renter must always remove cigarette butts before leaving the vacation home.


Article 10 – Complaints

Each complaint regarding the state or quality of the vacation home has to be submitted to JJSK by the renter within 24 hours following their arrival or after occurrence of the damage or the event that caused the complaint.

In absence of any complaints within the afore-mentioned time period, the renter is assumed to have acknowledged the good state and general tidiness of the vacation home, including the absence of visible damage or defects of furniture, sanitary facilities, household appliances and pool if present. Complaints formed by the renter after the rental period are inadmissible.

Moreover, JJSK does not owe a compensation payment in case the renter has prevented JJSK from solving the problem during the duration of the rental agreement.


Article 11 – Cancellation

In case of cancellation by the renter, the following costs remain chargeable against the renter:

  • 40% of the total rental price in case of cancellation more than eight weeks before departure;
  • 100% of the total rental price in case of cancellation less than eight weeks before departure;

The non-payment of the balance of the total price 55 days before the departure date will be considered a cancellation. In that case, the rental agreement will be regarded as terminated and JJSK will be allowed to offer the vacation home for rent to third parties again.


Article 12 – Supplements and tourist tax

A possible tourist tax will have to be paid on-site directly by the renter. Costs resulting from the use of heating, electricity, gas and water are price supplements. These are calculated as per real use or as a flat fee that was determined beforehand and must be paid to JJSK by the renter.


Article 13 – Liability

The renter is liable for all damages caused by their fault or negligence, as well as for all damages resulting from non-compliance of their contractual obligations. They are also liable for the damages caused by fellow travelers and the persons they let into the vacation home. In addition, they are liable for accidents in or around the home and in or around the pool. The renter will take all necessary measures to prevent accidents (supervision!). In case the renter is held accountable for damages, the value of the damage will be subtracted from their security deposit. If the amount of the security deposit is insufficient, the renter and/or their insurance company will reimburse the remaining part of the damages.


Article 14 – Transferability of the contract

Up to max. 1 week before departure, the renter can transfer their rental agreement to a third party, which must sign a new rental agreement with JJSK and will be held accountable for all terms and conditions of the contract. The transferring renter will have to inform JJSK about this at a sufficiently early time. The transferring renter and the renter who takes over are required to pay the total rental price, including the administration fees, the cancellation fees and the transfer fees. The latter are a flat fee of € 50.


Article 15 – Termination of the agreement by JJSK

If before departure, JSSK is not able to adhere to an essential element of the contract, they will inform the renter about this as soon as possible. In this case, JJSK will refund the already paid amounts as soon as possible. As a result hereof, the renter will not be allowed any further claims against JJSK.


Article 16 – Force Majeure

JJSK is not responsible for the non-availability or early termination of a rental agreement resulting from whichever events, from this type or capacity, without limitations, that fall outside their control.


Article 17 – Disputes – Authority

Belgian law applies to the rental agreement between JJSK and the renter. Possible disputes resulting from the existence, the interpretation or the execution thereof, which cannot be settled amicably, will be presented to the authority of the district courts of Brussels.