Bandol wine preserved under water

Over 100 bottles of Bandol wine were placed under the sea for a year with one goal in mind: observing the ageing of wine.

The bottles of white, rosé and red wine were left 40m under the surface of the Mediterranean for 12 months. Today, divers collected carefully their loot. After 3 hours, all bottles were rescued and ready for tasting.

And the proud winemakers are convinced of the success of their experiment after tasting the reds, whites and rosés. Every wine was compared with a same bottle kept in a cellar for 12 months. And after being compared, most connoisseurs said that they preferred the underwater variety.

Pascal Périer, director of the Enoteca Bandol, the local wine institute, said: “At the bottom of the sea, without light or oxygen and without vibrations, the ageing of the wine is slower. The wine is able to open up on a slower pace and release its complexity and aromas”.

But the experiment wasn’t cheap, as the total budget was approximately 13.000 euros. So still too expensive to scale this experiment.

Source: France 3 – France Télévisions